Texas Christmas Trees


TEKS Objectives

Texas Christmas tree farm tours address the following Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) test for Science K-5th:

Kindergarten - 112.11 (b) 1,7,9,10

  • Find ways to conserve and dispose of natural resources
  • Get examples of ways soil and water are useful
  • Identify parts of plants
  • Learn how young plants are like parent plants
  • Observe changes that are part of a life cycle of a plant

First Grade - 112.12(b) 2 ,7,9 (C),10 (A) (B)

  • Learn about relationships in the environment
  • Discover how organisms survive in the environment

Second Grade - 112.13 (b) 8(C), 9, 10 (B)

  • Explore the water cycle
  • Identify basic needs of plants
  • Learn how factors in the environment affect growth and how parts of
  • a plant help them meet their basic needs

Third Grade - 112.14(b)7(A), 9,10

  • Explore how soils are formed
  • Learn about ecosystems and the structures that help them survive
  • Discover how environmental changes affect plants

Fourth Grade - 112.15 (b) 7(A), 9, 10

  • Examine properties of soils
  • Discuss food webs
  • Explore plant adaptations
  • Learn about life cycles of living organisms

Fifth Grade - 112.16 (b) 9,10

  • See how changes in ecosystems affect living organisms